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R&D Center

Shanghai JiaoTong University-Panda Dairy Co. United Milk Technology Center ( STJU Dairy Science Lab)


Shanghai JiaoTong University-Panda Dairy Co. United Milk Technology Center established in 2011 November. The center is now settled in SJTU dairy lab, Panda Dairy offers R&D and operation costs. The center consists of three rooms including science lab, training center and food evaluation room with around 1000 m2 area. As for equipment, the center owns professional equipment for dairy R&D such as (UHT) ultra high temperature sterilization machine, centrifugal machine, homogenize machine, aseptic filler etc. Group members are professors and engineers in SJTU. Zhang Shaohui is the head of this center.


The main purpose of setting up this lab is to meet company’s needs and provide R&D services. The main works are following:

1. Set up dairy application lab,develop dairy applications and assist Panda Dairy expand its market.

2. Provide the new condensed milk products that are marketable.

3. Provide new techniques to improve quality and efficiency.

4. Assist Panda Dairy develop production and consumption safety system to guarantee food safety.

5. Provide technical inquiries and market informations based on Panda Dairy’s marketing strategies and development plans.


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