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Shandong Pandadairy Factory Foundation Ceremony

2016 August 12th, Shandong Pandadairy subsidiary factory foundation ceremony was held at Jiyang county Jibei economic development zone. Deputy Secretary of Jiyang county, President of Jiyang county, Deputy President of Jiyang county and other 26 related divisions attended the ceremony.


2015 August, Zhejiang Pandadairy and Jiyang government reached an agreement to set up a program which  would manufacture and process 3 ton of condensed milk annual. General Manager of Pandadairy Li David Xi An presented speech at the ceremony. He mentioned, by the cooperation of Pandadairy and Jiyang government, the significant program was going to commerce, in order to produce high-class products(condensed milk, evaporated milk, cheese etc), the program would introduce the most advanced equipment and techniques. All the procedures had been running in schedule, fundamental construction would start in August this year and next year the program would go into operation. When the program complete, new member of Panda group will arise at north China, shaping a new industrial strategic arrangement in China.


Shandong is the cradle of Confucianism and there are profound cultures and etiquettes. The advantages of Jiyang including history, great position, convenient transportations and abundant human resources. Pandadairy creates social benefits and economic benefits by combining Jiyang’s advantages and Panda’s spirits.


Pandadairy is now leading large-scaled dairy enterprise in China. The brand has 60 years history and now become “China Famous Trademark”, “Zhejiang Famous Products” and “Zhejiang Time-Honored Brand”. In addition, Pandadairy was awarded “National High-Tech Enterprise” and “Leading Enterprises in Agriculture”.


Look forward to future and responsibilities, Pandadairy will grab the opportunities to build world’s top factory and make contributions to national enterprises’ prosperity.


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