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Panda Dairy 20th Anniversary Ceremony

Panda Dairy 20th Anniversary Ceremony

2016 January 9th, Pandadairy held a ceremony to celebrate 20 years of group establishment and 60 years of brand establishment. The ceremony invited Leaders of All-China Federation of Returned Overseas, Leaders of Wenzhou and Cangnan, Leaders of Business Associations, Zhejiang International Business Group, ZJCOF and business partners.

The topic was “pursue dreams, embrace new things, look forward to the future”, Pandadairy retrospected the memories for the past 20 years and drew the prosper future at the ceremony. Besides, Pandadairy and Cangnan Philanthropy Association signed agreement to set up a charity association for poverty with 5 million yuan.


By the witness of all members in Pandadairy, the ceremony reached to the most important part and initiated new business journey. It meant Pandadairy stepped into a new stage of development.


As a large-scaled high-tech dairy manufacturing enterprise, Pandadairy specific working on dairy development, production, sale and technical service. Pandadairy is always insist working on better products, innovations, brand operations, culture constructions and corporate management. Company keeps striving to improve quality, expand market shares. Nowadays, company has made some practical success, for instance, the products successfully improved from condensed milk to varieties of condensed milk, milk powders, cheese, milk butters and coconut beverages. As for business operations, company cooperated with international trade company. And especially, company was listed in NEEQ which is quite helpful for company’s development.


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