Corporate News

Leaders of Jiyang County Visited Pandadairy

2017 September 15th , leaders of Jiyang county Sun Zhanyu visited Pandadairy with his group.


Sun visited Pandadairy’s exhibition hall and production line. At the symposium, Chairman Li Zuogong presented pandadairy’s history, features, development and future plans. Vice Manger of Shandong Pandadairy Mi Xiaolei presented the progress of Shandong program and came up the problems they were facing. One of the governors Wang Changjun presented the current statement of Jibei develop area. All the governors who attended the visiting pledged to provide the better services to Pandadairy.


Sun summed up at the end of symposium, he pointed out that government would provide services including laws, equipment, resources etc. He wished Jiyang would become a better county in the future.

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