Our Development

1956, January, Panda brand was designed and created by COFCO,specialized in export.

1957, "Panda" trademark registration was authorized by SAIC, No.21803.

1956, "Panda" trademark successfully registered in Hong Kong, franchised by Hong Kong Yuen Tai Trading Co.,Ltd.

1990, June 30th, COFCO transferred "Panda" trademark to ZJCOF.

1996, January 3rd, Panda Dairy Co. was established by ZJCOF, Zhejiang Aohua Dairy Co and Mr. Ying.

1999, Panda Dairy was headed to use ISO9001 quality management system.

2003, Panda Dairy was honored to be “Zhejiang Leading Enterprises in Agriculture”.

2005, Panda Dairy was on the list of “China Excellent Dairy Enterprise” and “Wenzhou Famous Product”.

2006, Panda Dairy was one of the Zhejiang famous brands and trademarks.

2010, Panda dairy was certificated with the “Zhejiang Time-Honored Brand”.

2011, Panda Dairy cooperated with SJTU and set up “United Dairy Technology Center”.

2013, Zhejiang Panda Dairy Co.farmed-in “Panda” trademark, authorized by National High-Tech Center, then Zhejiang Panda Dairy Group was established.

2014, Panda finished reforming stock-holding institution.

2015, Panda Dairy entered NEEQ, code number: 832559.

2016, Panda Dairy became well-known brand and trademark in China. 

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