Corporate Culture

Corporate mission: to provide nutrition and delicacy for the world

Corporate vision: to be a professionalized dairy company with supreme quality and brand.

Corporate values: integrity, responsible, innovative and share

Corporate spirits: creative, diligent, professional and dedicated


Corporate culture is the intangible asset and group values which come from management practices and the ideology that reflects company’s features. “Panda” corporate cultures consist of four parts, which are communicate and trust, enthusiastic and aggressive, practical and innovative, achievement and commitment. These four parts perfectly exist in company’s every organization and employee, and they’re still developing and completing during management practices.


Integrity & Trust: All the “Panda” employees are mutually trust and be honest with each other. We must believe our corporate mission; believe the contribution we have made to the society; believe the group that we fight together; believe our workmats will complete their works well, believe communication is the basic way to solve all the problems. An equal honest and direct communication can improve our trust, in the mean time, trust creates beneficial working environment. As for resources, we ought to share our resources and thoughts, be honest with others such as colleagues, clients and partners so that we can earn their trust and loyalty.


Enthusiastic & Aggressive: Challenge ourselves ,be willing to help, be enthusiastic at work, eager to find problems and solve them, advise instead of complain, confront difficulties and challenges optimistically, work hard to place our products and services at the top among others in dairy field.


Practical & Innovative: We keep pursuing practical results and performances, getting strength from colleagues and doing excellent teamwork to get win-win situation. We are encouraged to take missions and responsibilities, try our best to achieve our goals. We are far-sighted but we never ignore details. We are thrifty and disciplined. We are consistent with our company. We are willing to grasp new knowledge and give constructive advice. We always adapt ourselves to fit in and to face the challenges.


Achievement & Commitment: We are oriented by achievement, speaking by our figures. We keep our words to our colleagues and clients. We concentrate on actions and results. We are honored to be one of “Panda's”. We keep fighting for better products and better services. 

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